Ezra Reed Continued

I really don’t remember a lot about those hours right after the delivery. I’m not sure who was there and things like that. I do remember hearing other babies crying and feeling like my heart was just gonna break into! My cousin Angie told it might help to get out of the room. So we went for a little walk around the nurses station. We got almost to the room and a little baby started to cry I almost hit the floor! My knees buckled…. thankfully Angie and Nikki were there. Got back to my room it was full of family and friends. Our parents got to hold Ezra ! So many people were there to help us through this difficult time. All those people even Ben my sweet Ben but still I felt alone! In my darkest time of my like my sweet Jesus was holding and helping me through. Those first few months the question WHY LORD played in my mind. It’s been 8 months and still not an answer to that question! So back to the statement I made at first! What Ezra Reed taught me. To love more everyday, never take people for granted, and the Grace of God will be enough to help me through anything that He chooses!!! God will put you in a place ( a thick dark place) to just help you in your life. He can’t do it in any other way but to put you in your dark place. But I found sweet things come out of dark places!!! We are closer as a family because of Ezra Reed! I will carry Ezra my whole life and never forget that God choose me to be his Mommy!! Just like He choose me to be Noah and Dakota’s Mommy. So Ezra will keep teaching me things as I go through my life. My boys will always have their little brother to watch over them!! I love you my darling angel!!
Ezra Reed Watson born on May 8th at 5:27pm
10 lbs 12 oz 22in he went straight from my arms to the arms of Jesus!!